Priya Pawar

Priya Pawar is an enduring light in the international world of classical Indian dance.

She is respected and valued as a vehicle and guardian of the Jaipur style of Kathak.  She is also a charming exponent of Odissi. The power, grace and depth of Priya's dance, underpinned by an indomitable spirit, have carried her through a few decades and a great many countries.  Priya is a dancer with enormous natural stage presence who effortlessly establishes a report with her audience.

She was showered with awards for her performances in her childhood and youth, gaining her Nritya Vishard (BA) when she was just 10 from the Bhatkhande Marris Music College, Lucknow. Here she studied under Shombu Maharaj and Mohanroa Kalyanpurkar. In 1967 she was awarded a Government of India scholarship to study Kathak at the Kathak Kendra, Delhi. She gained her Nritya Varadhi (MA) after studying under Guru Sunder Prasad and Kundenlal Gangani

When already an experienced Kathak dancer, Priya branched out into the exquisitely sculptural style of Odissi. She studied intensively under Hare Krishna Behera in Delhi and later, over the years, often invited her guru to London to help her with Odissi projects. Priya also studied under the legendary Kelucharan Mohapatra.

 In 1972 Priya was listed as a 'Top Grade' artist by the ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) and has been sent abroad to represent India as a member of various delegations.

 Priya has been performing virtually all her life but her career began when she took part as a staff artist in a number of dance ballets produced by Birju Maharaj at the Bharatiya Kala Kendra (now Kathak Kendra) in Delhi. 

She has received wide acclaim and toured all over the world including in the Far East, USA, South America, West Indies and Europe.


Over the years she has given countless performances but notable ones include:


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A Night with Priya Pawar at Watermans, Brentford

Kathak Meets Flamenco at Paul Robeson Theatre, Hounslow

Kathak Meets Flamenco at The Bull, Barnet

Kathak Meets Flamenco at Vishwa Hindu Kendra, Southall


Danzas Kathak y Odissi  at Suristan, Madrid, Spain

Demonstration and Workshop at Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne


Chaturang at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London with her Pushpalata dancers.

Kathak Meets Flamenco at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham

Kathak-Odissi at Dominion Arts & Cultural Centre, Southall

Kathak-Odissi at Sangam Hall, Edgware for Sindhi Community

Kathak-Flamenco for Coin Festival, South Bank, London

Kathak for Respect Festival, Finsbury, London


Kathak-Flamenco at Middlesborough Theatre for the Millennium Festival

Kathak-Flamenco at the Bonn Summer Festival, Germany


Kathak-Odissi  at the National Theatre, Oslo, Norway

Kathak-Jazz at the Oscar Theatre, Oslo, Norway

Kathak-Odissi  in Genoa, Italy


Kathak-Flamenco with Rosandra Doling at Watermans Arts Centre, Brent


Fifty years of Independence Celebrations.  The government of India sent Priya and three musicians from India for a Kathak-Flamenco performance in Oslo, Norway.


East Meets West for the International Youth Festival, Bayreuth, Germany


Kathak-Odissi solo Scandinavian tour


The Widow directed by ballet dancer Stephen Long with Contemporary dancers at Leeds Arts Centre, UK


Temple to Palace  in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the opening of the Nehru Gallery at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London


Mogli directed by John Chapman – An Academy of Indian Dance production, UK


Kathak-Odissi at Sapru House Auditorium, New Delhi.   A memorable performance, which was choreographed by Guru Hare Krishna Behera, as it was Priya’s debut as an Odissi dancer and she was privileged to be presented by Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.


Priya toured solo in East and West Africa when she performed before Haile Salassie, Emperor of Ethiopia.



Priya performed with Pratap Pawar throughout the world, from the Far East to the USA and South America.



Priya was co-founder of Triveni and from 1980 to1992 she was co-director and a key performer.

Triveni's notable achievements:

Triveni pioneered the combining of classical Indian dance with other dance forms.  Particularly successful were the Kathak-Flamenco collaborations which toured repeatedly.

Productions often featured the contrasting classical Indian styles of Kathak and Odissi.

Triveni staged elaborate and memorable dance-dramas making imaginative use of advanced Triveni students